Thank you SO MUCH for Registering to Bowling For Brains!  It would be amazing if you can help us raise money for the kids. A good goal for individual bowlers is to raise at least $100.00, or a goal of $500.00 for a team. If you don't want to fundraise, you are free to just make a donation by sponsoring yourself. For bowlers who are excited to help us raise money, you can ask your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.  We've included different ways you can raise money below. To just make a donation, sponsor yourself here. Need help? Drop us an email at So excited to see you all on game day! You're making a difference!

Ways For Bowlers To Fundraise:

1. Right on this website: This is the easiest, less complicated way to fundraise. Once you've registered, send out emails or post on social media, asking your friends, family or colleagues to sponsor you by making a donation by sending them this link: "SPONSOR A BOWLER OR TEAM".  Example: "I'm Bowling For Brains to help provide rehabilitation therapies for children severely affected by cancer, brain tumors and serious blood disorders. Please sponsor me so we can help these amazing kids get the services they need!"

2. Venmo QR Code. Donors can donate with this QR code and when asked "what is this for", they can enter your name so you, or your team gets credit! This is the URL link to our Venmo page, if they do not use QR codes.

2. Facebook: You are free to do a facebook fundraiser from our Facebook Page. Click "Fundraisers", and then on the right click "Raise Money". Remember to edit in your own words, change the photo if you'd like,  and you can also reset your goal.

3. Instagram: From you phone, post a photo of your choice, and right before you share, choose to "Add Fundraiser"  then choose "Foundation ThinkAgain".. Then it has an option to "edit" your fundraiser and set a goal. Don't be afraid to set it high! You got this!!  and THANK YOU!

4. Givelively: You can create a personal fundraising page by going to this GIVELIVELY WEBSITE, scroll down on the right and hit "I want to fundraise for this". You'll be asked to either log in, or create an account. Have a photo ready to upload and write your story or what ThinkAgain means to you! Then you can share your fundraising page in emails or on social media. Click here to see what a Givelively fundraising page looks like.

5. GoFundMe for Charity: You can start your own GoFundMe for Charity fundraising page by following these steps.

  1. Go to   
  2. Either sign in if you have an account or create an account.
  3. Click "Start a GoFundMe".
  4. Next page, type in your zipcode and below that choose "Medical" when asked what you are raising money for.
  5. Next page “choose the 3rd option “Charity”... Choose Foundation ThinkAgain!
  6. Set your goal (500.00 or more is really a good goal to set! You may get less, but you may get more!!) 🙂
  7. Upload a cover photo that is meaningful to you -  That is what will show up when you share it.
  8. Name your fundraiser and if you have a team all sharing this fundraiesr, you can include team name. Example: TEAM CAITLIN is Bowling for Brains!
  9. Then share!! Please also send a copy of the link to so we can cheer you on!

Click here to see an example of a GOFUNDME personal fundraising page