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Foundation ThinkAgain! (501c3) is a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation therapies to children severely affected by cancer and brain tumors. Specifically, we find and fund clinic-based therapies for children who continue to suffer due to the neuro-cognitive late-effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

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Because of significant advances in therapy, about 80% of children diagnosed with cancer under the age of 15 will survive their disease. This success rate however, comes with a substantial cost to the cognitive, sensory, motor and academic functioning of many survivors. Central nervous system chemotherapies, radiation to a developing brain, and surgical navigation through sensitive brain areas to remove tumors, are just some of the invasive, but necessary treatments used to achieve a cure. These late effects, or injuries to the brain, especially a brain in early development, may result in disorders of memory, visual and  perceptual motor skills, processing speed, receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor ability, tracking, attention, speech, organization and planning, to name just a few. Schools are unable to address or remediate disorders of this severity, and funding for these costly, yet needed clinic-based therapies, has either been denied by the child's medical insurance company, or insufficiently covered. These children are not only fighting to survive, they are fighting to thrive and succeed in their lives after cancer. The doctors will save their lives. Foundation ThinkAgain! will save their futures.

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