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the children we served

Children We've Served

Alanna, a 6 year old princess is successfully fighting medulloblastoma brain cancer, but the tumor and surgery have left her with pretty significant physical disabilities. She is weak and has poor balance. She cannot walk more than a few steps without falling, She is unable to maneuver her fingers in order to grasp and manipulate objects. She desperately needs both physical therapy and occupational therapy. Insurance granted her only 6 sessions of PT, and she will need months and months of work to get her functioning again.



Aaron ~ After a multiple organ transplant followed by PTLD (post-transplant malignancy), Aaron suffered from massive pain due to core instability and weakness. He's received aqua physical therapy in order to regain strength in his torso, to take the pressure off his spine and hip. So proud of his progress!






Welcome Peter, who started life as a 1 pound micro-premie, followed by hepatoblastoma - liver cancer at just 1 year old, requiring massive surgery, chemotherapy, and feeding tubes. He comes to ThinkAgain to get help funding occupational therapy to help him swallow solid foods and fine motor work, as well as a communication device so he can better express himself.




Fiorella ~ Twelve year old Fiorella began her journey with brain cancer at 2.5 years old, relapsing at 4, 6 and 7 years old. Drastic measures utilizing intensive chemotherapy and highly elevated doses of radiation has enabled her to still be with us! She is our miracle princess, but struggled significantly with cognitive deficits. She is now shining bright with educational therapy and will be receiving more cognitive rehabilitation through www.ThinkAgain.org! Fiorella, we cannot wait to see what magnificent things you do for this world!



Beautiful 13 year old Azucena was evaluated at the Raffle Brain Institute, which revealed that her school failure, and subsequent anxiety, stress and behavior problems, were due to significant widespread neurocognitive impairment, caused by intensive treatment for B-cell leukemia from age 3-5. After spending many months with an educational therapist (pictured), and art therapy work, she is excited about her future and actually loves school! She works so hard and we are so very proud of her progress. JUST WATCH! She will CHANGE THE WORLD!



Sonia~ Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for brain cancer caused Sonia to struggle with new cognitive disabilities. After working very hard through cognitive rehabilitation with the Raffle Brain Institute, she increased her memory, processing and language skills well enough to complete high school! She's now attending Soka University of America! OH THE PLACES SHE'LL GO!!! SURVIVING AND SUCCEEDING! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, SONIA!


Blake has had multiple brain tumors throughout his childhood due to neurofibromatosis,, which left him with below age-level processing speed (PW), working memory (WM), visual processing (VP), word attack (WA), and auditory analysis (AA), all vital skills required for successful functioning. Intensive Cognitive Rehabilitation is often tedious and grueling, and requires many hours of practice. This is necessary in order to build new brain connections. We are so excited that BLAKE IS FINISHED! He's made AMAZING progress and is caught up to his peers. You are GOLDEN, Blake! WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU LIGHT THE WORLD ON FIRE!


We are so proud of this young man. Evan was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was almost 2 years old, followed by 3 years of intensive CNS-directed chemotherapy, only to relapse a year later at age 6. Shortly after relapse, he endured cranio-radiation as part of the conditioning for his bone marrow transplant, a requirement for a cure. Cognitive remediation and educational therapy funded by Foundation ThinkAgain, helped him overcome his learning difficulties, a late effect of these invasive, but necessary treatments. YES! HE IS SURVIVING… and now, because of your help, HE IS SUCCEEDING!


Alan ~ Four year old Alan has finally reached the maintenance phase of his leukemia treatment, which doesnt "knock his socks off" as much as the chemo he has been receiving for 2 long years. He will continue intensive speech therapy at Pediatric Therapy Playhouse with the beautiful Jessie (shown here) and enter into an early interventional preschool with special education support.


"SMILEY RILEY" was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 2 and treated with central nervous system directed chemotherapy until age 4 . She is now a 6 year old Super Hero! Riley's treatment however, left her with significant sensory processing and visual motor deficits. She received intensive clinic based occupational therapy to remediate these difficulties.


Little Leah ~She is small but she is fierce!! this little nugget was diagnosed with leukemia at 8 weeks old, then needed a bone marrow transplant to achieve a cure. She received intensive speech therapy and cognitive rehabilitation!! We can't wait to watch her SOAR!!


Kevin~ Leukemia relapse and bone marrow transplant at age 2 left kevin with severe aphasia needing special day class through elementary school.. ThinkAgain intervened with intensive clinic based speech and language for 2 years. His Aphasia is cured, he is a senior in HS getting As and Bs, and college bound! It's just what we do!





Ethan ~ Following brain cancer, Ethan has put in a lot of work this past year towards his cognitive rehabilitation and educational therapy, funded by ThinkAgain, and has recently begun physical therapy to help him walk unaided and without his wheelchair or walker (see video in post below). He is doing SO GREAT and he wants to thank everyone who has helped him reach his goals.


Ahmed suffered greatly during his 2 bone marrow transplants, resulting in PTSD, food aversion and inability to communicate with speech. We began working with him when he was 5 through a feeding specialist and speech and language therapist. 2 years later, he is verbally thanking us (see video)! and he clearly loves food now. It was a very long road, but Mission accomplished! Please help us bring more therapies to these children.


Patient: Stefania dignosed age 2 
Diagnosis: Leukemia 
Treatment: Chemotherapy till age 4 
ThinkAgain Interventions: Occupational Therapy, Developmental Psychologist, Communication Specialist

Stefania suffered PTSD and treatment related sensory and spatial deficits following her 2 years of leukemia treatment from age 2-4. She wouldnt look at anyone, wouldn't engage, and couldn't speak. ThinkAgain provided multiple therapists working together including an occupational Therapist, Developmental Psychologist and Communication Specialist. She is now the queen of 'social' and even has a youtube channel (StefaniaLily), & loves her wondergirl cape!

Stefania LilyStefania LilyStefania Lily

Meet Cesar, who was diagnosed and currently in treatment for a rare disease involving an accumulation of immature neuro histiocytes, which has created small tumors in his brain causing diffuse white matter damage. His decline in visuospatial integration and reasoning abilities are highly integrative cognitive processes that rely heavily on white matter integrity. We have been providing Cesar with cognitive rehabilitation through educational therapy, to build new connections and alternate pathways to learning. He is having great success, but needs more therapies, including Occupational therapy.


Meet our SuperHero Jude who was diagnosed with Posterior Fossa Medulloblastoma Brain Cancer beginning treatment at age 6. Treatment included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation with subsequent deficits in cognitive functioning involving fine motor skills, executive functions, balance, processing speed, and speech. WE ARE ON IT! He will begin with a Processing and Cognitive Enhancement Program, and clinic based OT. We will follow that with speech and educational therapy if needed.





Meet Beautiful Sophia, a 4 year old PNET/Medulloblastoma brain cancer survivor! That is the good news! Surgery and invasive treatments however, left her visually Impaired, physically disabled, and generally non-verbal. We have begun Music therapy through the Childrens Music Fund, and will add speech to help her communicate. She needs occupational therapy, physical therapy, and mobility training for the visually impaired. Foundation ThinkAgain is on it! Welcome Sophia ~ our miracle! We will not quit until Sophia gets all the services she needs to lead a healthy, happy and successful life after cancer.


Cooper was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at just 2 years old, and treated for 3 years with central nervous system chemotherapy. The impact on his brain development left him struggling to learn. ThinkAgain provided him with intensive educational therapy, and he is now succeeding in school, and gaining the confidence he needs to do AMAZING THINGS with his life after cancer.





Patient: Andrew diagnosed Age 4
Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Treatment: Central Nervous System Chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy to remediate learning disabilities

"The kids are truly benefiting from the therapy. Andrew has progressed at his new school. It is nice that things are looking up. Thank you again for serving Andrew I know it has helped him so much academically and emotionally working with Christine. Your organization is doing great work. I really want to thank you for all your help." Angela Blanco

Patient: Emmett, Diagnosed age 6
Diagnosis: Posterior Fossa Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
Treatment: Surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiation
ThinkAgain Interventions: Speech and language pathology, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy



After cancer diagnosis at age 2, multiple intubations and complications, hearing loss, speech loss, respiratory distress and fragile medical status, Isabella is unable to attend school. Does that mean she cannot get speech, language, and occupational therapies she so desperately needs? THINKAGAIN! Mommy and Daddy were ecstatic when Foundation ThinkAgaincame to her rescue.
We love you, Isabella!


Patient: Madyson "Cookie" Diagnosed ages 4, 7, and 9 (2 relapses; missing all of grammar school)
Diagnosis: High Rish resistant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Treatment: CNS Chemotherapy, radiation. Bone Marrow Transplant
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy


Cookie was diagnosed at ages, 4, 7, and 9 with resistant acute lymphoblastic leukimia, and at 13 with a secondary skin cancer. She missed her entire elementary school career, and never set foot inside a school until she was in highschool. After learning disabilities secondary to intensive CNS chemotherapy, whole body radiation and a bone marrow transplant, she received intervention from ThinkAgain - and bless her heart - LOOK AT HER NOW!!!



Patient: Austin
Diagnosis: Grade II Ganglioma Brain Tumor
Treatment: Resection only
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy

Patient: Matty, Diagnosed at 22 months and treated until the age of 5
Diagnosis: Leukemia
Treatment: Central nervous system directed chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Interventions: Occupational Therapy; Educational Therapy


Patient: Solomon, diagnosed age 4
Diagnosis: Posterior Fossa Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
Treatment: Surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiation
ThinkAgain Intervention: Occupational and physical therapy, speech and language



Patient: Nathaniel, diagnosed age 2 and 4
Diagnosis: Relapsed CNS leukemia
Treatment: Bone Marrow Transplant, chemotherapy, Radiation
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy


Patient: Sophie, diagnosed age 9
Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
ThinkAgain Intervention: Processing and Cognitive Enhancement, Educational Therapy.

Sophie before her brain tumor Physical Therapy Ready to sharpen her thinking skills so she can go back to school!
sophie scifo
Sophie today after her therapies, showing amazing progress

Patient: Kenny diagnosed age 8
Diagnosis: Leukemia
Treatment: Central Nervous System chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy


Patient: Matthew diagnosed age 2
Diagnosis: Primitive Neruo-ectodermal Brain Tumor
Treatment: Surgical resection followed by chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Cognitive and processing remediation


Patient: Ahmad, diagnosed age 2
Treatment: Bone marrow Transplant
ThinkAgain Interventions: Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy


Patient: Fernando, diagnosed age 4
Diagnosis: Leukemia
Treatment: Central nervous system chemotherapy until age 7
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy


Patient: Seamus, diagnosed age 9
Diagnosis: Posterior Fossa Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
Treatment: Surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiation
ThinkAgain Intervention: Processing and Cognitive Enhancement





Patient: Edna, diagnosed age 9
Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
Treatment: Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Cognitive remediation, Educational therapy

Edna's Speech

"Good evening, My name is Edna, I am 16 years old and I am very lucky to be here tonight... I know many kids who were not so lucky. I am happy to see all of you participating tonight for kids like me. I am a brain tumor survivor and Thanks to God and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, I have been given a second chance to live. My journey has been tough.I have gone through 2 craniotomies, radiation and 9 rounds of chemotherapy - all this, to keep me alive. I have had intensive rehab such as speech, occupational and physical therapy to relearn everything again. It's as if I was born again. The brain surgeries along with the chemotherapies and radiation cause you memory problems and learning problems in school. I was having difficulty in school and I was sad. One day, my mom and I were going through Facebook. There was an ad from THINK AGAIN. My mom read it through it and immediately sent Think Again an email explaining my story. Within 1 hour or even faster, Dr. Kerrigan called my mom back. Dr. Kerrigan said she could help me. My mom had been looking for some type of help to help me with memory, but there is nothing out there to help you after treatment. I started my educational therapies in about two weeks. My educational therapist was Dr. Miller and she is awesome. She has also been my advocate at school to help the school understand what I need so I can get help too. Schools don't really understand how kids who have had brain tumors or had leukemia are affected. S So I am very thankful to THINKAGAIN! On April 1 this year I will be reaching my 7 year remission anniversary. My dream is to attend college in the future. Thank you, Dr. Kerrigan for making my life better. I also want to thank you all for participating and donating to Think Again and keep helping kids like me. Thank you I love you ALL very much and LET'S FIGHT ON!!! 3/3/2012

Patient: Tristan diagnosed at 3 days old
Diagnosis: Oligo-Astrocytoma Brain Tumor and hemorrhage
Treatment: Multiple surgical resections and chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Cognitive Rehabilitation for processing deficits

"We are happy to see that Tristan is making some progress with his attention and working on his own. We have been getting positive feedback from his teacher for the last few months! She is impressed with his staying on task for longer periods. We see results, and I am sure we will see a difference in his post-treatment testing scores. I wanted to thank you and the Foundation ThinkAgain for funding his cognitive therapy. I really appreciate the help in this much needed area and although he still has a long way to go, I can tell it has helped jump-start his brain into doing what it needs to." -Tristan's Mom, Katie

Patient: Christian, diagnosed age 4
Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Treatment: 3 years of Central Nervous System Chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Cognitive Rehabilitation; Neuro-bio feedback with Educational Therapy

"Ryan was diagnosed with leukemia just before his 2nd birthday, endured central nervous system chemotherapy for 3 years and immediately relapsed at the completion of his therapy. He then had a bone marrow transplant to achieve a cure, which included cranial irradiation. He has significant learning disabilities, and ThinkAgain is providing cognitive remediation through educational therapy. RYAN IS ROCKIN!! He has come so far!! and we are so PROUD of his success!!"






Patient: Monica diagnosed age 1 yr 10 mo.
Diagnosis: Wilm's Tumor; kidney cancer
Treatment: Surgical resection followed by chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy

Patient: Jakob diagnosed Age 3
Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with central nervous system relapse
Treatment: Central Nervous System Chemotherapy and Radiation
ThinkAgain Intervention: Vision Therapy; Occupational therapy




Patient: Jenna diagnosed age 2
Diagnosis: Posterior Fossa Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
Treatment: Surgical resection followed by chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Educational Therapy

"Since Jenna started working with an Educational Therapist, this is the first year she has not been in jeopardy of being retained. In fact, she is getting A's and B's on her report card. My Little Peanut Rocks! Thank you Foundation ThinkAgain for making this possible!! The medical team saved Jenna's life. Foundation ThinkAgain saved Jenna's future." - Kellie Richmond (mom)


jenna 2018


Ovarian cancer and treatment complications as a baby, left Briana with significant learning disorders. ThinkAgain is providing cognitive remedition through educational therapy.

















It's been a long journey for Eryx and parting is such sweet sorrow! After 3 grueling years of CNS chemotherapy to combat leukemia, 19 months and 110 sessions with an educational therapist to combat his subsequent learning disabilities, Eryx is ready for middle school! Learning new strategies to overcome his processing deficits are valuable tools. HE WILL NOW SHINE!! Good luck to you, our superhero! We will miss you! Now... go.. LIGHT THE WORLD ON FIRE!


Why We do what we do:

Following a brain tumor and a struggle to regain functioning prompting intervention through www.ThinkAgain.org, we receive this:

Hello Patty, Mission Accomplished thanks to you and your wonderful team. With your support Nick was able to pass Stats cleanly and boy was he ever relieved! A big Thank you to you for helping us achieve this milestone in our son's life and please do count on Nick and both of us to raise money for ThinkAgain so other kids have the same opportunities as Nick did...

Yours truly,

Adriana & Hernán


Juan went from failing in school after significant cognitive deficits following cancer treatment as a toddler, to finishing high school with almost straight A's! Juan did not accept failure and worked incredibly hard to make it where he is today. To Juan, it's not about surviving.... It's about THRIVING!
We were happy to help with intensive educational therapy and cognitive remediation. With his ambition, graciousness and perseverance, he'll do amazing things with his life!


After hearing loss and developmental delay from liver cancer treatment as a baby, and exhausting all school based interventions, Isaac is recieving clinic based speech and language therapies and he is doing phenomenal!! GO ISAAC!

Patient: Regina, diagnosed age 16 months
Diagnosis: Pilocytic Astrocytoma- Brain Stem
Treatment: Chemotherapy
ThinkAgain Intervention: Occupational Therapy, speech and language




ThinkAgain welcomes Nathan,
who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3, and treated for 3 years with intensive central nervous system directed chemotherapy. Subsequently, he was left with "Persistent Medication-Induced Neuro-Cognitive Disorder". We have assigned him to a brain injury specialist who will work to improve his most problematic functions: working memory, planning and flexibility, concept reasoning, orientation, visual processing and speed of preocessing, to name a few.