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Thank you SO MUCH for Registering for BOWLING FOR BRAINS in 2020; TAKING THE LEAP! God Bless you. We can't do this work without you so it would be amazing if you can hep us raise some money for the kids. If you get your friends to sponsor you by making a donation, we will forward you all the sponsorships that come in for you.

Our Mission: Foundation ThinkAgain provides pediatric cancer and brain tumor survivors with needed rehabilitation therapies, so they can function more successfully in their lives after cancer. These therapies are either denied by medical insurance or insufficiently covered. Some need to learn to walk again. Some need to learn to speak clearly again. Some need cognitive rehabilitation to help regain their memory and processing skills. Whether it's co-pays or therapeutic equipment needs, we're there for them. The doctors are saving their lives. YOU are helping us save their futures.

Here are some ideas for fundraising....

1). The easiest way to have family, friends and co-workers sponsor you is to send them to and ask them to click "sponsor a bowler" (in the menu) and have them write in your name or your team's name. Let them know what ThinkAgain does for these kids.

2) You can create a Facebook fundraiser right from our Facebook Profile Page. Look for Fundraisers - and hit CREATE. Then you can share it with your social media friends with the paragraph above or anything you'd like to say.

Fundraiser on facebook


3. You can “JOIN” the Bowling for Brains 2020 GoFundMe/Charity campaign, then use a special photo and story, replacing the one we set up for you by default. This is a fun platform. If you post your own, photos need to be 600 x 400 pixels or greater.



4. You can collect donations in person if your donor wants to write a check. All checks should be made out to “ThinkAgain!” with the bowler’s name on the memo line. Please print this Donor Ledger to keep track of in-person donations, and scan it to by February 26th in order to compete for prizes. Then bring it to the lanes on bowling day. (Cash gets lost, so checks are best).

5. You can certainly sponsor yourself to help reach that dream goal (not required) of $300-$500 per bowler, or $2000 per team, which will help us fund over 600 therapy sessions in 2020! Set your goals high and "take a leap" of faith that your donors will step up for this great cause.  The kids will be grateful.

Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank You!!

Questions? Please text, call, or email Patty Kerrigan at 310-429-1041