Thank you so much for registering to Bowl for Brains!! If you are here, you must be interested in participating in some good old fashioned fundraising! That is GREAT!!! This event is our primary fundraiser that we count on every year, and your help enables us to keep doing the good work! We are so very grateful!

How much should we try to raise? The more this event raises, the more kids we can help! Historically, our bowlers usually set their goal at $500.00 or $1000 if raising money as a team. Some bowlers raise just $100.00, while a few have raised over $5000! We have great prizes for our top fundraisers! Set your goal high! Believe in yourself! You may not reach your goal, but what if you do? How cool would that be?

  • For every $50 you raise, you will get a  free raffle ticket.
  • Prizes for top fundraisers

Here are 4 ways to raise funds:

Option 1) Easiest way; Right on the website:  You can sponsor yourself or your team by clicking "Sponsor A Bowler" and making a donation! You can also post the "Sponsor a Bowler" link on your social media, or send out an E-MAIL to 20+ friends to sponsor you or your team.  Asking  friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, helps spread the word about ThinkAgain while also bringing in more funds. More funds means we can serve more kids! We will send notifications for All donations that come in for you and your team. You can also share this link on your social media.

Sample: "I'm Bowling For Brains to support Foundation ThinkAgain! ThinkAgain provides rehabilitation therapies for children severely affected by cancer and brain tumors, when services have either been denied or insufficiently covered by medical insurance. Please sponsor me for this great cause!"

Option 2) Facebook Fundraiser: Go to FOUNDATION THINKAGAIN FACEBOOK PAGE, click “Fundraisers” then click “Raise Money” and set your goal at $500.00. On the left side you can change the cover photo to your own photo, and change the words to make it more personal. Then when you are done, you hit "CREATE". Then share your fundraiser and invite your friends to donate in your honor!


Option 3) Instagram Fundraiser:  Upload a photo, tag the photo with “fundraise for a charity” and choose Foundation Thinkagain! set a goal, and share! Please send us a link to your instagram so we can follow you, if you decide to fundraise this way.

Here is a Photo that you can use on instagram  if you don’t have a personal one:


Option 4)  A great peer to peer fundraising tool is GIVELIVELY which allows individual and team fundraisers without any bank fees! Go to the link, scroll down and on the right, and click “I want to fundraiser for this” then set up your log in information, write your own personal message, then share the link to your fundraising page in an email or across social media! This one does not allow you to use your own photo, only the charity page photo.


Again, Thank you for registering to bowl and helping us in our annual BOWLING FOR BRAINS so we can continue help these pediatric cancer survivors get the help they need in order to live happy, healthy and productive lives after cancer!!