FREE Grade Skills Review Books for Pediatric Cancer Patients.

Amid the COVID-19 quarantine and the school year being cut short, we are greatly concerned for pediatric cancer patients and pediatric cancer survivors. Children going through treatment for cancer and brain tumors are already at risk for school difficulty due to missing out on traditional school, limited energy level, limited instruction while home-bound, and the neuro-cognitive late effects of both cancer and cancer treatment. Foundation ThinkAgain! is offering FREE Grade Skills Review books. We are making this offer in order to make sure these kids acquire the skills necessary to solidify their knowledge of their grade level work, be aware of and fill in lessons missed, and strengthen their skills so they are better prepared for a more successful school re-entry. Parents, please order the books by clicking the orange button below. As an added incentive for the kids to dive in, a $40.00 gift card will be sent to every child who returns a completed book. WIN WIN!

Free books are for patients only. To get books for siblings, friends and family members, visit SUMMER SKILLS, to make sure the kids get what they need, regardless of their school interruption. Stay healty and STAY HOME!


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